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Seminarium och årsmöte 27/3 2023

I samband med SVEP:s årsmöte bjuder vi in till seminarium.

Seminarium kl 14.00-15.00: Tibor Varga, University of Copenhagen: Algorithmic fairness and bias in epidemiological research

Algorithms will soon completely surround us – from college applications, through self-driving cars to clinical decision making, algorithms are becoming an organic part of our lives. In entering this era, we rely heavily on algorithms of varying complexity, in part to generate fair decisions by avoiding human biases. However, societal inequities and downstream data biases often further propagate biases into decisions for the future. In addition, while most algorithms are tuned to generate the most accurate predictions, less attention is paid to generating fair results. In this talk, I will give a primer on algorithmic fairness, introduce the most common biases in machine learning, recent examples from the algorithmic fairness literature, and give an overview of the most common fairness metrics.

Årsmöte kl 15.15-16.00: Årsmöteshandlingar

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